to my favorite internet friend.

to my fraternal twin,

we're practically family now. isn't that weird? i know more about what's going on in your life than people i've known for years. i'm glad we're friends. the whole twin thing started off a joke, didn't it? but it was a bit like talking to a mirror. you were in a band and i was planning on being in a band. you liked pokemon and i loved pokemon. our cats looked pretty much the same. you had a dog and i wanted one. we liked the same music. we both loved old cartoons. and you were born the day after me. but yet, we're still different enough to not be boring. i guess it's just natural that we became such good friends.

but if that's all that was needed to make friends, the world would be a better place. i guess we became so close because we're both good listeners, something our friends lacked. you listened to me complain about all the pressure i felt was on me, and i listened to you complain about your manipulative bipolar (now ex-) girlfriend. you listened to my stories about all the strangers i talked to, and i listened to your stories about your family. you listened to anything and everything, and i did the same for you.

anyway, duditz, you've almost got me convinced that canada isn't the crappy place i've imagined it to be for so long. maybe one day we'll be neighbors. but that's just blind optimism. and isn't that your area of expertise? just kidding. even though you're canadian (i'm saying it like it's a bad thing, just for you), you're one of my favorite people. not an easy feat, and yet you managed it.

you're pretty cool, mister. and yes, i will be juggling on a unicycle at your (and sarah's) wedding. but only because you deserve nothing less.

you said we'd probably be friends forever. we will.

becuase you're definitely a friend worth around keeping that long.


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