vegetate with me.

i feel like i'm going to be doing a lot of napping in this first week. water fasting. hurr.

side effects include: heavy, fuzzy tongue; random flashes of temporary blindness; inability to go anywhere without hallucinating about food; sudden inability to breathe deeply without needing to yawn...

i could go on. but really, today was just weird. i'm not even hungry, it's more like food is just tempting me. (my stomach totallly rumbled just now. how comforting.) controlling myself today was harder than yesterday. they made my favorite lunch at the babysitting/day camp place and offered me a huge plate. maybe because i told them i won't be there tomorrow, maybe not. fries... vegan wanna-be meatstuff... so fresh and warm. i gave it to a girl who wanted seconds and got the hell outta there. then i ended up helping my mom stock a food pantry. uncooked food had never seemed more appealing. but i picked up a bottle of water and ran to the car as soon as we were done. no sense in ruining my second day, right?

the thing is, the sensation of "hunger" isn't the same as it normally is. it's like when you stub your toe and there's a dull ache afterward. it's there and you know it's there. it's barely noticeable, but noticeable all the same. and so much rumbling. my mother said she's going to eat that food from the party on sunday. good riddance to bad rubbish. i was never going to eat it anyway.

so yay for not eating again. i noticed my body temperature is lower than normal. my skin feels absurdly cold for this level of heat. and being fully clothed. with the windows down. i mean, it's not cold. it's just not as hot as it should be, i guess. i feel like doing nothing but laying around. soo i'm totally going to take a nap in a while. before i do something i regret.

i think i daydreamed about eating cat food today.



a friend of ana said...

sounds like you are doing great and being sooo strong! my longest was 72 hours.. how long are you fasting for?
have a great nap :-)

crashxDburn said...

Your fast beginning sounds EXACTLY like mine. lol You took the words straight out of my head from when I started. It's going to be like that. Be careful when standing up too quickly or walking in the heat, because as you've experienced, you're going to feel faint and have that temporary blindness, like you're about to black out. Usually when that happens to me I close my eyes, lean against something, and take deep breaths until it passes. There was this whole big scientific explanation for why that happens while fasting, something about a receptor in your neck. Totally forgot what it's called but it starts with a B. If you keep going like me you're going to start dreaming about food and waking up drooling. lmao I never had that problem before my fast, but now I dream about food almost every night. Anyway, congrats on making it through day two. :) Stay strong!

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