to my parents.

hey, mom and dad.

i've got a few things to get off my chest, so pay attention.

i don't like when you plan out my life for me. i don't want to be a doctor, dad. but thanks for putting that in my birthday card before you died. really made me feel better about my job choice. i would've been learning how to be a vet if not for you, mother. yes, a vet is a real doctor. but now i'm going to be a music therapist, which fits me almost as nicely. so thanks for that.

i don't hate either of you, i just don't like the way you think. like that rule from when i was younger about not talking back? i stopped following that one when i hit twelve. i have a mind of my own, you know. or had, since i think i'm losing it. maybe it's already lost. i also don't like the way you think i'm still a baby. i'm my own person. just because i look a little like you, dad, doesn't mean i'm going to grow up exactly like you. even if i'd be a pretty awesome person.

thanks for the crazy genes, dad. they keep me so amused. and mom, thanks for helping to make me the psychotic, wild eyed, arrogant girl i am today. and for getting me started on the road to suicide. couldn't have done it without you..

mom, i won't stop calling you "woman" until you realize i'm eighteen years old. until you stop asking me if i'm wearing clean underwear and if i've washed behind my ears. until you stop yelling at me for leaving food on my plate when i eat out. until you stop yelling period. until you stop treating me like a failure.

dad, you're still the coolest person i know. i wish you had stayed alive a bit longer. graduation was lame without you. i'm learning how to play the guitar, by the way. although i doubt i'll ever shred like you, old man. but i'll try my best. still have your bass too. thanks for everything.


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a friend of ana said...

it is always great to have a place to vent :-)
cheer up girlie!

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