code blue.

i really hope my iron levels aren't crap, because i am totally not enjoying the breathing patterns that are going on right now. but that's not important. (well it is, but it's not that important.)

on a brighter note! i totally slipped into a pair of my old jeans. slipped in. not wriggled, not 'somehow managed to squeeze myself,' i slipped in. effortlessly.

on an even brighter note, today is day five. was day five. only sixteen days left. you know, unless my health really is in bad shape. at which point, i'll have to eat some spinach. or anything else with lots of iron. of course, i'll have to figure this all out tomorrow, because i'm supposed to be starting a group water fast on wednesday. for two weeks. so either i break my fast and then restart it (which i ALREADY DID once) or i just go straight through this like a boss and hope i don't die.

i like the second option, but that's just blind optimism.

so even if i break my fast, i think i'll still be okay. i'm only one pound from my goal weight, so i should be fine.

it's not like i'm gonna gain fifty pounds in one day. at the same time, i'm not going to get enough iron in one day to make up for all the iron i'm probably lacking.

whatever happens, i'll do my best to stay alive.



Christina said...

Maybe you should see a doctor then, you might need vitamin supplements.
But it's awfully exiting that you can fit into your old jeans!
Whatever you end up doing, just stay safe.

a friend of ana said...

yay for being so close to your goal weight!! and 'slipping' into those old jeans :-) good luck with the fasting decision... I would never be able to go that long I don't think... I fasted yesterday though :-)
maybe you should get an iron supplement? or a multi-vitamin with iron in it...

jackie said...

Def go for the supplements. Tell your mom that you realllly need them even if they are expensive. Congrats on the jeans!
xx jax

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