who loves the sun.

i thought yesterday would never end. it seemed like as soon as i woke up, i jumped right into action. chicken with its head cut off. that was me. but anyway, at least it's all over now. i didn't have to reject food and i had an endless supply of water bottles so it was nice in its own way. i also started thinking about tofu again yesterday. so i promised myself that if i lasted until the twenty-second of this month (day fourteen), i'd get tofu on the saturday of that week. oooh, and i woke up yesterday and weighed myself. i was one-eighteen point eight. and today i woke up and weighed myself and i was one-seventeen point eight. cheers! *dances*

i also think i'm having nightmares about college. and children. i'm not particularly looking forward to college starting, and i'm trying to forget all the horrible things that happened these last two weeks i was volunteering.

check this out. they gave me a thank you card. i've known some of these people for like, eleven years, and they couldn't spell my first- OR LAST- name right. i didn't even get a little,... you know, payback. if i had known, i would've said keep the card. and envelope. i'll take the fifty cents you were going to use on it and get my little cousins some candy. but what am i going to do with this crap? i'm totally insulted. most people who were volunteering had rides because they all live in the same area, but i had to take the bus really early to get there on time. (am i whining? i really feel like i totally deserve something for that.)

i taught one of my friends a lesson about being a bitch yesterday. made me feel good. we had a mini-graduation ceremony for the kids yesterday and during the day, she's like, fourteen and she has this eighteen year old guy who's her "best friend" that she's trying to impress. apparently she loves him. he has a girlfriend, though. a few months ago, she gave her number to this other guy who's like nineteen (against my good advice) and this guy popped up yesterday and i had to work my ass off to hide her from him. it's a small world after all. so anyway, when the nineteen year old was out of the way, i kinda fell asleep. because i was bored-sleepy. you know when something's so boring that your brain shuts down? yeah. she decided to take a picture of me. an embarrassing picture, i should add. and thought she should giggle about it with her "best friend" that she's only known for... a few months, maybe? unlike me that she's known for like, fourteen years of her life? yeah. way to screw that up, kiddo. i have this thing about me and pictures and the two of those being somehow together. i really, really hate having my picture taken unless i'm in my lunatic phase. so i sensed it (don't question) and i woke up in time to see it. and glared at her. and she deleted it eventually. after a few more chuckles at my expense. she was shocked that i was annoyed. even though she knows i hate having pictures taken of me.


i redid this slideshow of pictures (for the children's mini-graduation) and slipped as many embarrassing photos of her as i felt were necessary in it. so she got to laugh with like, one person. i got to laugh with... thirty people? and about thirty kids? i won. i don't think she'll forget this any time soon. and if she does, i can always put the pictures up on facebook.

bonjour bones ! -- it's not weird at all to not care about food. i was doodling the other day and i wrote "eat no evil" and "food = the root of evil" all over a page.

christina -- thank you!! :)

a friend of ana -- haha, i'm glad you like them. ^^ thanks :)

crashxDburn -- inner monologues are the spice of life. (or is that variety?) i'll do my best! :) the same goes for you, by the way. twenty eight days. you're tough. ^^"

i would've posted last night but my mother was busy learning the ins and outs of- dare i say it?- online dating. yuck. i don't have a problem with it, but i do have a problem with thinking of my mother going on dates. it's just weird. really, really, weird. i shouldn't think about this at all, actually. it's too early. hopefully, though, it keeps her out of my hair for a while. giving up a few hours of computer time for a few days of quiet? it's a hard bargain, but i'll take it.


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a friend of ana said...

i love tofu :-) probably one of my favorite foods! it is so tempting to become a vegetarian again. not that i really eat meat. actually i am not sure of the last time i ate meat. anyways glad you are feeling better today!!

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