hello hurricane.

this is possibly the greatest experience in the world. listening to a hurricane.

i'm sitting inside and there's this crazy storm outside. my area is prone to flooding when it drizzles so you can be sure that when this blows over, i'm going for a swim. and that's only a partial joke. but only because i can't swim.

i think i lost my mind for a few minutes tonight. i measured myself and then wrote all over my body with sharpie. i haven't done this in years, so it's pretty funny. school starts next week. i think i'm freaking out because of that. i'm not looking forward to seeing all those people again. at the same time, the sooner it starts, the sooner i'll have access to the school gym. you win some, you lose some.

on a completely random note, the lion king is coming out in 3D next month. i almost had an epileptic fit. the lion king is only like, one of my favorite movies in the whole wide world. back to the school thing.

i'm not looking forward to it. at all. i said this, but i have to repeat it. see, this guy i liked a lot, he has this really uncommon name. it's so... uptown. it makes me think of gentlemen with fancy hats and tea cups. although i can't see him associated with gentlemen, fancy hats, or tea cups. anyway, our friendship is like, weird now. the only way it could be any weirder is if i had slept with his parents. or something. and, like everyone who knows me at this school (which is basically everyone), he'll be like, "you're back! we have to sit together." and talk, but not actually have conversations about anything that matters. we had a conversation once that was basically "yeah. totally. mhm. yup." for like, five minutes. that's not as easy as it sounds, i assure you.

at least i'll have aerobic dance. i was really hoping to get gym this year. i'm really flexible too, not that it matters. maybe that's why all this stretching isn't doing much for me. thanks a lot, yoga. i can put the back of my knees on my shoulders and balance on my hands, but i can't shine a flashlight between my thighs. at least the whole "grunge" thing will be helpful. i don't think anyone will notice how much weight i'm losing if i'm wearing overalls and plaid. where was i going with this?

oh yeah, there's a hurricane outside. irene. not a very scary name, in my opinion. if i was lighter, i'd be terrified about going outside. but i feel reckless. if my mother wasn't awake right now, i'd probably do something impulsive like... doing jumping jacks on the sidewalk in the rain. just for the heck of it.

and since i can't sleep at all tonight, and typing this didn't make me feel sleepy at all, i'm going to do some more yoga. maybe that'll help.

i'll be sure to play bad eighties music, britney spears, nsync, backstreet boys and some aaron carter while i'm doing it.

don't tell anyone, but i still love aaron carter. well, his old music. that's where it's at. i watch popstar on occasion. it's a movie that would be bad, if not for him singing in it. seriously. aaron carter. gotta love him.



Gracereturnsslowly said...

I love Hurricanes.
Last year I got hit by Igor, and I sat outside and watched the lightning hit the sea and the waterspouts.
I love them.
Terrifyingly beautiful

The Sharpie moment, I've had them too and after I just laugh at myself.

a friend of ana said...

i love the rain!! :-) hurricane irene didn't do too much but high winds and lots of rain here... but my friends on the coast got it pretty bad! speaking of britney spears.... i think my friends and i are going to be different britney spears for halloween :-)
have fun at school and the gym!!
<3 stay strong

Bonjour Bones ! said...

I hope you stay safe during this hurricane. Who knows, hopefully it'll blow the school down. Mwahaha. (;

jackie said...

yeah I'm holed up watching the rain too. And I live next to a river so... this will be fun.
good luck with the start of school! haha I've been looking forward to the gym access as well.

And guess what I did at 6 am today? WATCHED THE LION KING! haha I think you and I are on the same wave legnth.

Anna said...

stay safe dear! thank you for your support! Im ready to start fresh from tomorrow on. xoxox

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