to my crush.

dear old soul,

i could say a lot of things to you. like the way i appreciate the things you do for me. or the way your jokes are just corny enough to be funny. the way i love that you don't have to curse to tell me you're unhappy about something. how cute i think it is that you like applesauce, even though you call it old people food. the way you can tell me anything and i can tell you anything. the way we were both born in blizzards. the way i feel guilty after i look at someone else in a way that's anything but innocent. how happy i am when you tell me you love me. how scared i am that i won't love you forever.

i guess you don't know this about me- or maybe you do? you've known me long enough. i'm so unstable. but for some reason, you decided to go for it anyway. and i really appreciate that. i'm so fickle. i really hope i don't ruin this. whatever this is.

sorry i'm not as perfect as you. but i will be as soon as possible, and then i promise you'll have nothing to worry about.

you really are perfect, you know. or maybe just too good to be true...

remember you said you'd be one hundred percent honest with me if i was with you? i think i can do that for you.

honestly. <3

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