we'll see what happens.

it's only day three. and i feel like i could keep going for days.

but it looks like i might have to end my water fast earlier (much earlier) than expected. iron defincies and stuff. basically, it's been "that time of the month" for like, fifteen days. (not normal.) so either i get my levels back to normal or i go to the doctor and get my blood tested. which might lead to questioning. and problems.

i had to wear a coat today, i was freezing. and it's like eighty-two degrees out. talk about suspicious. not that my mom was. but the rest of my family was. definitely.

i'll try to keep fasting. but if my mom calls the doctor, i'm definitely not going to be able to.

i'm so disappointed.


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Bonjour Bones ! said...

Whatever happens just know that you did well. You definitely inspired me and I know you'll stay in control. (:

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