to my sister.

hey jay! <3

i can't imagine growing up without a big sister like you.

without you, sis, eighteen years of my life would be spent as a total disaster. i had a tendency to do some pretty weird stuff, right? but you always looked out for me.

you probably already know i'm your biggest fan. i'm never joking when i tell people you're the prettiest person i know. i can't wait until we're both gorgeous. unlike my other six siblings, you're the only one i'm truly fond of. and the only one who really took care of me. even though you're almost eight years older than me, you still let me hang out with you when your friends were nearby. which was pretty cool of you in my opinion.

remember the times we used to play candyland and monopoly together? or save up our allowance to buy board games? and the way we would watch disney movies- the old ones, like aladdin or beauty and the beast- until we practically knew it by heart? those are some of my favorite memories.

i know you think i'm amazing because i play so many instruments and sing and stuff, but the truth is i think you're even more amazing, even if you don't do that stuff. i mean, when i got drunk at your birthday party last month in front of your friend, i was sure you'd never talk to me again. (i'm also sorry i drank a lot more than you and yet managed to not get drunk sooner. your tolernace level is pathetic.) but even though i totally embarassed you by telling all those stories from our childhood, you still called me the next day to make sure i was okay. (can you believe mom never realized i was totally drunk? is she out of her mind?)

anyway, no matter what, i'll always be your little sister. i'll still sing songs about you being the most beautiful girl in the world, and i'll still defend you no matter how old i get. i'll keep taking your clothes (when we're the same size again, that's gonna mean jeans too) and i'll keep asking you to hang out with me. and one day, when you're married with children (unless you're also not getting married), i'll tell your kids all the things you did when we were younger. and then they'll think you're totally awesome too.

but no one will ever think more of you, want you to be happier, or care about you more than me.


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crashxDburn said...

AWWWW!!! I wish I had that kind of relationship with my sister, but we've never lived together. She's 39 and I'm 20. Soooo... yeah. She was already out of the house and married when I was born. We've gotten to know each other a little better in the last few years, but she's really close to my dad and I can't be totally open with her for fear that she will tell him things. *sigh* Oh well. I'm glad you have this with your sister :)

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